Icehouse Demos

by Curiosity Door

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released September 5, 2014



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Curiosity Door Tempe, Arizona

Indie Rock band from Tempe, AZ

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Track Name: Once Upon a Planet (Demo)
We’re neglecting projecting our light through prisms of people for fear we will find our own true colors. The ones we radiate not the ones of our eyes skin or hair, ‘cause if that were the case, maybe our elders would understand the grey areas.

So lets hope they become like wise old owls and turn their heads completely around and stop chasing their lies like domesticated hounds chase their tails. Perhaps we are just tales. Tales of tortoise and hare, slow and steady wins this race, but has this pace been slowed even more by this shell?

'Cause a turtle once told me his true path in life was to be more like a tulip. Radiating in beauty, waiting for the universe to pollenate him. 'Cause we’re all just floating around in this star, see we don’t envy even though we look up to thee, our understanding untimely what the light really means.

So the last things that matter are just matter.
The last things that matter are composed of matter.

So let the world not marshal my thoughts, nor imprison my mind.
Nor let our lives be like choked up canaries in coal mines, but like the dirty gems they erect that just need precisionly cut and polished. Instead we erect polished pillars and place stoned men on the tops of them. We line the windows with pain, ‘cause all we do is look through them. These monster machines louder than these monsters in my mind.

We feel for the physical without claws yet attack like vultures. If it's so softly spoken, are these words to choke in?

That’s why I yell them from the top of my lungs, and from the bottom of my heart. ‘Cause they say no news is good news, so that’s nothing new for no one.
Track Name: Detach Me (Demo)
If anger is just sad’s bodyguards, then I’m walking with an entourage. ‘Cause these yellow caution flags only turn to red when the blood’s been shed. And my tongue is this concealed weapon, and I’ve already started shooting these syllables into your chest. Like hollow tips through a bulletproof vest. But these words are far from hollow, they’re more like fractal with undetermined depth.

And if intimidation is just inspiration with no footing, then stop trying to walk miles in someone else’s shoes. And if life’s a bitch, then you’re just waiting for her bitch slap. These words, like muscles, getting under your skin giving you form and this movement.

And if our past is only vapors in the wind let out by our own gasps, let us gasp and grasp for now. For if yesterday is history, and tomorrow’s a mystery, let us unwrap this gift, the present, and be present. Sometimes losing the illusion is so much better than finding new truths.

So if these phrases form nooses, you’re hanging from every word. Soon you’ll be thrown to the wolves, but I can see you’ll return leading the pack. You won’t have to eat the scapegoat nor drink the blood of a sacrificial lamb. You’re so brave and quiet, I forget you’re suffering. We’re suffering. But, know too much food for thought can cause infobesity. We’re not ready to digest yet. No, we’re not ready to die just yet.

‘Cause we all need friends and not just fables, we all need status quo and not turned tables, and I can see that I’m perfectly able.. I’ve just been attached here to this short cable.. my spinal cord.